Amar Mandavia

Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology, Teachers College, Columbia University
Columbia University

Amar Mandavia is currently a first year doctoral student pursuing clinical psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University. He has previously worked at the NYC Department of Housing as a field interviewer for a longitudinal study examining impact of providing affordable housing upon physical and mental health outcomes among chronically homeless people. At the Emory School of Medicine, he worked as a field researcher examining genetic and trauma-related risk factors for PTSD in a cross-sectional study of low socioeconomic and urban minority population. He is currently working on meta-analyses and systematic reviews on the effectiveness of psychological interventions for treating non-suicidal self-injurious behaviors among adolescents and the neurocognitive deficits among individuals with untreated psychosis, respectively. In his current involvement with ELSI, Mandavia is assisting in a meta-analysis and systematic review to identify genetic markers and subsequent variations among different racial and ethnicity groups to inform PMI research efforts. His master’s thesis focused on analyzing longitudinal epidemiological data to identify prospective psychosocial factors that impact transition to and recovery from homelessness among adults in the United States. His current research examines the intersection of bio-psycho-social factors among individuals who are homeless and its impact upon their risk for suicide and psychosis.