Ayse Parla

Sabanci University (Turkey)

Ayse Parla is on the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Sabanci University (Turkey).  She is the recipient  of a TUBITAK research grant for a collaborative project on "Forms of organization among new migrants: A comparative analysis of Bulgarian Turks, Iraqi Turkmens and Moldavians in Turkey." (with Mine Eder and Didem Danis). Her recent publications include: "Irregular Workers or Ethnic Kin? Post nineties labor migration from Bulgaria to Turkey." International Migration 45(3), 2007; “Longing, Belonging and Locations of Homeland among Turkish Immigrants from Bulgaria.” Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies 6(4): 543-557, 2006; and "Marking Time along the Bulgarian-Turkish Border." Ethnography 4(4), 2003.