Dina Afrianty

Research and Lecturer, Social and Political Sciences, State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta

Dina is an Endeavor Post-doctoral fellow at Melbourne Law School University of Melbourne. Dina earned her PhD also from the University of Melbourne writing a thesis on the work of Local Women’s NGOs in Reforming Islamic Law introduced in 1999 in the Province of Aceh. Dina’s research interests include women’s rights, women’s movement, Islamic education, international development, and legal reform in Muslim societies. Dina has done research in Islamic Education in Indonesia and was the team leader for a research on Islamic education in Indonesia project supported by the Institute on Culture, Religion and World Affairs, Boston University in 2004-2006. Dina has published articles and book chapters on the issue of education and on women’s movement in Aceh. Dina was a research assistant for the Encyclopedia for Women and Islamic Studies (EWIC), published by E.J. Brills from 2003 to 2006. She was responsible for assisting the routing editor for East Asia, South East Asia, Australia and the Pacific region. Dina recently joins the Asia Foundation working for NGO capacity strengthening to provide poor women and children better access to legal rights under the Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Justice Project.