Jade Tan

Health Policy Management and Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Columbia University

Jade Tan is a graduate student in Public Health at Columbia University, concentrating in Health Policy Management and Infectious Disease Epidemiology. She has a B.A. from the University of Virginia in Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law (PPL), as well as Biomedical Ethics. Her work and interests focus on human genetic engineering ethics, precision medicine technology, neuroscience, synthetic biology, philosophy of mind, jurisprudence and constitutional law, and the ethical, philosophical, sociopolitical, legal, and deeply human dimensions of future technologies. She has been a research analyst consultant for multiple institutions, edited for several print and online publications, and the strategic director of a successful biotech startup. Jade enjoys grappling with complex intellectual puzzles and engaging in rousing cross-disciplinary debate. She takes pleasure in subverting the humanities versus STEM binary and includes coffee as a main food group. She spends time thinking about the big questions in the morning like: if we had teleportation, would she have been able to sleep in for another 30 minutes?