Judith Greenberg

New York University

Judith Greenberg's research and teaching interests focus on questions of memory and trauma Studies, especially through a feminist lens. She holds a degree in comparative literature and her courses are informed by psychoanalysis, film Studies, Holocaust Studies, and her years teaching in French departments. She is the editor of Trauma at Home: After 9/11 and author of a variety of chapters and articles related to trauma and its representations, including "Trauma and Transmission: Echoes of the Missing in Dora Bruder" (Studies in 20th and 21st Century Literature), "Surviving Charlotte Delbo's Auschwitz and After: How to Arrive and Depart," (in the MLA publication Teaching the Representation of the Holocaust), "Paths of Resistance: French Women Working from the Inside," (in Experience and Expression: Women, Nazis and the Holocaust) and "The Trauma of Echo and the Echo of Trauma," (in American Imago). She has also taught and written about Virginia Woolf, including publications in Woolf Studies Annual and Virginia Woolf: Turning the Centuries. Greenberg received Gallatin's Jewish Studies grant in 2007 for a manuscript on which she is currently working, Cypora's Shadow, which takes a cousin's memoir written in a Polish ghetto during the final days before the ghetto's liquidation and then explores the trans-generational transmission of trauma, particularly from mothers to daughters.