Meriem El Haitami

Fulbright Research Scholar 2012-2013, SUNY Binghamton

Meriem El Haitami is a doctoral student at the University of Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah in Fez, Morocco. She conducts research in affiliation with the Moroccan Cultural Studies Centre in the English department. She is currently a Fulbright research scholar at SUNY Binghamton. Her PhD research addresses the dynamics of female religious authority and activism in contemporary Morocco. She explores how, in present day Morocco, women are establishing themselves in a variety of religious leadership roles ranging from official female preachers (murshidat) and religious scholars (‘alimat), to Sufi affiliates and political leaders. Her research in the United States extends to exploring female religiosities within transnational Moroccan Sufi orders. She has recently published an article on the role of the state-sponsored women religious guides (murshidat) and scholars (‘alimat) in restructuring female religious authority.