Mirjam Künkler

Assistant Professor in the Department for Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University

Mirjam Künkler (Ph.D., Columbia University) is Assistant Professor in the Department for Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University, USA. She has published on religion-state relations and Islamic thought in 20th century Iran and Indonesia, and edited with Alfred Stepan, Indonesia, Islam and Democracy, Columbia University Press (2013), and with John Madeley and Shylashri Shankar, A Secular Age: Beyond the West, (2014). Her articles have appeared or are forthcoming in the journals Comparative Studies of Society and History, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Journal of Law and Religion, Democratization, Comparative Politics, Journal of International Affairs, and Party Politics, as well as edited volumes. In her next project, she turns to questions about the post-revolutionary transformation of the legal system in the Islamic Republic of Iran, and female religious authority in Shi'i Islam. Künkler is co-PI of a two-year Oxford-Princeton research cluster on “Traditional authority and transnational religious networks in contemporary Shi‘i Islam," of the two-year project “Religion and Constitutionalism” at the Institute of Advanced Study in Bielefeld, and of the “Iran Social Science Data Portal” funded by the Social Science Research Council (SSRC).