Nabila Hamza

President, Foundation for the Future

Mrs. Nabila Hamza is the President of the Foundation for the Future, (FFF) an independent, international nonprofit organization  supporting the civil society initiatives in their efforts to promote democracy and human rights in the MENA region. Prior to her work at the Foundation for the Future, Mrs. Hamza served as the Executive Director of the Center of Arab Women for Training and Research (CAWTAR). She has worked as an Expert in the Arab League for 10 years, in addition to having fulfilled numerous consulting missions in the region. She also has a broad experience in project management and program coordination. She has contributed in the UNDP the Human Development Report (1994).She is a founding member in many Tunisian women NGOs and is member of various international boards and scientific committees in African and Arab countries. Mrs. Hamza has many publications on social development, poverty, globalization, civil society  and gender issues.