Sibel Irzık

Sibel Irzık is currently teaching comparative literature in Sabancı University. She is the author of Deconstruction and the Politics of Criticism (Garland, 1990) and the co-editor of Relocating the Fault Lines: Turkey Beyond the East-West Divide (South Atlantic Quarterly, 2003). Among her other publications are “Istanbul: The Black Book,” in The Novel, ed. Franco Moretti, Princeton U. P., 2006; “Orhan Pamuk's Snow: Re-imagining the Boundaries between East and West, Art and Politics,” in Europe and Its Boundaries, eds. Andrew Davison and Himadeep Muppidi, Lexington Books, 2009; “The Constructions of Victimhood in Turkish Coup d'état Novels: Is Victimhood without Innocence Possible?” in Betraying the Event, ed. Fatima Festic, Cambridge Scholars Press, 2009; “Yaşar Kemal's Island of Resistance,” in Resistance in Contemporary Middle-Eastern Cultures, eds. Karima Laachir and Saeed Reza Talajooy, Routledge, 2012; and “Textualized Memories of Politics,” in From Literature to Cultural Literacy, eds. Naomi Segal and Daniela Koleva, Palgrave, 2014.