Publication Project Date
Listening to ImagesTina CamptBarnard College Engendering the Archive August 10, 2017
A Room of Their OwnSusan Meiselas Reframing Gendered Violence August 10, 2017
Dispossession and the EnvironmentRhetoric and Inequality in Papua New GuineaPaige WestBarnard College Pacific Climate Circuits: Moving Beyond Science, Technology, Engineering, and Economics August 10, 2017
Puerto Rico Syllabus Essential tools for critical thinking about the Puerto Rican debt crisisFrances Negrón-Muntaner, Yarimar BonillaColumbia University Unpayable Debt: Capital, Violence, and the New Global Economy May 1, 2017
Keywords/Key Questions for Disability StudiesProgram for Symposium, Barnard College, Oct. 1-2, 2015Columbia University The Future of Disability Studies February 13, 2017